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Connectivity Revolution

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Internet, Pakistan

We are living in the era of Ubiquitous Connectivity. It’s an era of exploding information and hyper-connectivity. Mobile phone, internet, mobile internet, social networks, blogosphere, video uploading, picture sharing and tweeting are modern terms we daily encounter more than basic needs of ancient human being food, water and air. In the end of 2011 world’s population is anticipated to reach 7 billion. Who will be the 7th billion child born in the world will no more be a mystery as you will definitely get a link of YouTube video uploaded by some media content developer on your Facebook home page. I know most of you will share it. World has seen the swiftest penetration rate of mobile and internet market is the first decade of 21st century. More and more people are getting connected daily and it is anticipated that at the end of second decade of this century all of the population will be in the communication nexus. Chain of people connected with each other is growing rapidly and future of the world is in future of strength of this connectivity chain.


World of internet is amazing. More than 2 billion people, 28 percent of the world population, uses Internet – network of networks. This means 1 out of 4 persons in the world knows what the real blessing of internet is and 3 out of 4 knows what the internet is. Internet is becoming virtual world of most of the technology-savvy people across the globe. Cellular connectivity has connected more than half of the world’s population with number of total cellular subscribers acceding 5280 million. 3 out of 4 persons in the world use a cell phone and it is the revolution of connectivity. Internet on mobile phone is the next milestone for technology concoctors and promoters to be achieved and a large part of this success story has already been written in few years as Mobile Broadband Subscribers are more than 1 billion in the world. It is really amazing! Mobile phone made it easy to be connected with your loved ones via call and short text messages. Internet on mobile has opened new horizons of connectivity and now information is at the access of everyone with need of just pressing one button on your cell phone.


Watching news at 9 pm on PTV, the state’s only television channel is not the only source of getting INFORMED now. Now news finds and reaches you, you don’t find news. It’s revolution of Dispersing Information. With one click on your desktop PC or Laptop or tablet computer or Smart phone you can listen, watch, read any news which you must know with a simpler subscription facility provided by many news agencies’ websites. Social networking sites are another exciting face of internet revolution. More than half billion people are Facebook users and more than quarter billion people tweet regularly. A single internet user spends 5 hours, on average, on Facebook per week.


It is the amazing world of Ubiquitous Connectivity. Pakistan is among top countries where broadband internet, cellular connectivity and proliferation of technology are at higher rates. This year total mobile subscriptions reached 100 million in Pakistan. More than 90 percent Pakistanis has access to mobile or fixed line telephone. Internet users in Pakistan are also increasing with the passage of time and at the end of 2010 more than 20 million internet users were subscribed. Facebook is as popular in home as in the outer world with more than 40 million Pakistani people subscribed. At the end of 2010 only 20 million of Pakistanis were Facebook users and in almost 12 months their strength got doubled on Facebook. Similar taste of statistics is found in twitter, YouTube, linked in and other social networking websites.


How the world is using internet and how we Pakistanis are using this blessing needs consideration. I have more than 250 people in my Facebook profile and I know only few of them dare to upload a status. Most of the statuses uploaded by them are either poetic verse copied from their mobile phone SMS inbox or some quotation copied pasted from other websites or other’s profile. Very few people write original statuses to give words to their thoughts. It is my observation and you may have opposite observation. But the point under the bottom line is that Pakistani people are generating very less genuine, original and creative content as compared to the other nations. How many videos you uploaded on YouTube in last year and how many were made or edited by you? How many pictures you shot, photoshoped and uploaded on Facebook on any special event like 14th august or Eid Festival? Do you Blog or visit regularly a Blog? Most of you will be with laconic reply, No!, because most of the Pakistanis don’t develop original content even when it is so much easy.


We are lagging far behind in the marathon of creating original content. It is alarming as when other nations will be known by the content generated by their nationals we will be among viewers of this content only.


Potentials of modern technology are not covert. Everyone who uses internet 1 hour per day or even 2 hours per week knows answers of all questions started with what, why and how related to the internet. Knowing is not fathoming and realizing the gravity of the issue. That’s why our young Pakistanis see internet and mobile as only source of entertainment. It is more than it. Upheaval triggered in Egypt which ended in ouster of Hosni Mubarak on 11th February, 2011 was a paragon of using internet for a cause. Egyptians set a fabulous example in the modern history of the world when a fan page on Facebook brought millions of people from their homes to the streets of Cairo to get united for their fate. I don’t see it just as an example; it will be bandwagon for revolutionists in other parts of the world. So, it is the need of time we Pakistanis realize this gravity and play our part in bringing healthy and necessary reforms in our society through internet and mobile phone.


Barrack Obama is said to be good in internet and it became the reason of his success as he became first black President of the United States of America. He, actually, is very good in internets. Official website of the White House is hallmark of his vision and foresight. He has a large media entourage which captures each of his moment in the White House or during the process of architecting destiny of Americans and future of America outside the White House in pictures, uploaded regularly on Flickr and Facebook fan page; records each of his word spoken by him in any domestic or global platform for his nation or any other faraway nation plunged in chaos, uploaded on YouTube and shared on facebook fan page; and release press releases and his weekly address on the official website. He defined the real potential of internet and set an example for all leaders of the world. His connectivity is source of hope for Americans as they get aware of what actually is happening in the White House by the person sent by them to listen to their voices and work for them. If a person cannot meet him face-to-face he can watch President’s weekly address and it reduces the communication gap between the ruler and the subject. This happens in America but not in Pakistan where president hardly visits a public ceremony or addresses his nation on the state’s television.


I believe, future of the world will be decided online by people connected via internet and mobile phone. As more people are getting connected they are getting more aware about the wide swath of issues which were previously rarely discussed or known by the majority of the human population.


We Pakistanis should come forward in this battle to bring change in our social and political system, ethical and moral development of our nation, assuaging extremist and radical thoughts and present mild and progressive image of the country to the outer world. Instead of copying and pasting content developed by other people we must upload fresh content. We have a lot of options to forward our message and spread our voice to millions and billions of people. Make short films and upload on YouTube. Maintain blogs and comment on international blogs and invite them to your blogs. Make a fan page for a cause and share with a large population on Facebook. Be amateur photographer; capture every worth-sharing moment and upload it on flickr. Join fan page of international news agencies and TV channels on Facebook and comment regularly on their links to share your pointy of view.


The more you realize this responsibility of playing your part in the world’s internet revolution the more ways of playing your part more effectively you will keep on discovering. It all depends on the user and responsibility-bearer. So make a resolution right now and check your skills. Set a target and start developing content of any kind on the internet. May be one day your fan page reach 1 million likes or your channel on YouTube has more than 10 thousand subscribers. Be a part of the Internet Revolution – Connectivity Revolution!



Pakistan is our country. There are a lot of things about it to be proud of. All we need is true leadership to drift the whole nation towards the right direction. you will be pleased to know the potentials of the land of the pure.



  • Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization in World Belongs to Pakistan – founded by Sattar Edhi
  • Worlds largest deep sea port is located in Gwader
  • Asia’s Largest Mosque – Faisal Mosque
  • World’s highest Polo ground at Shandur
  • Haleji Lake is the Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary
  • Karakoram Highway World’s highest highway
  • Largest WiMAX Network is deployed in Pakistan


  • 2nd Most populous Muslim Country
  • 2nd Largest Salt mine (Khewra)
  • 2nd Highest Peak of the World – K2


  • 3rd biggest Mango Producer of the World


  • 4th biggest producer of Sugarcane, Cotton and Apricot
  • 4 times winner of Hockey world Cup (1971, 1978, 1982, 1994)
  • 4 out of 14 Highest Peaks of the world


  • 5th largest Milk and Onion producer


  • 6th largest nation of the World


  • 7th Nuclear power
  • 7th largest pool of Engineers and Doctors
  • 7th largest standing arm force
  • 7th largest Dam of the world – Tarbela dam


  • 8 out of 1000 people have a Car
  • 8th biggest producer of Wheat & Rice


  • 9th largest labor force
  • 9 hundred cable operators are providing satellite TV transmission nationwide
  • 9 crore Mobile Subscribers


  • 10th largest English Speaking country
  • 10th largest producer of Oranges
  • 10th biggest city of the world – Karachi


  • 11 thousand Pakistani military personnel serving in UN peacekeeping operations worldwide


  • 12th biggest tea consumer of the world


  • 13 hundred IT companies are working


  • 14th World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Company – Getz Pharma


  • 15th Biggest Internet Users’ Nation


  • 16th biggest Uranium producer


  • $17 billion export


  • 18 thousand km-2 total forest area


  • 19th best country for offshoring


  • 20th biggest Coal Reserves


  • 21st largest cement producer


  • 22nd largest Salt producer


  • 23rd largest Defense Budget


  • 24th largest country with Internet users (23 million)


  • 25th biggest Railway Transport Network


  • 26th biggest Natural Gas reserves


  • 27th biggest Landline Communication Network


  • 28th biggest economy of the world


  • 29h biggest Copper producer


  • 30th biggest Air Line of Asia – PIA


  • 31 million Middle Class with average annual income above $10,000


  • 32nd biggest Electricity Producer


  • 33rd largest country with High IQ population


  • 34th largest Motor Vehicle producer.


  • 35 out of 100 women in Pakistan are literate.


  • 36% people live in Urban area


  • 37th largest renewable water resources


  • 38th biggest Iron producer.


  • 39th largest country having Airports


  • 40th biggest Gold holding country (65.4 tones)


  • 41st largest Industrial Country


  • 42nd largest GDP


  • 43 million Pakistanis have access to satellite television


  • 44h Rank in Globalization Index


  • 45th biggest Nation using Broadband Internet


  • 46 out of 50 Pakistanis have access to Mobile phone or Fixed Line phone


  • 47 percent literacy rate


  • 48th-largest economy in the world


  • 49% of Pakistanis now reside in towns of 5,000 people or more


  • 50 thousand tourists visit Pakistan annually


  • 51 thousand Government schools for primary & secondary education


  • 52nd biggest Oil reserves


  • 53rd largest country having Foreign Exchange Reserves


  • 54th Rank in the list of countries having Freedom of the Press


  • 55 million Labor Force


  • 56 Top in the World awards have been won by students in Pakistan (2009)


  • 57 minerals are under exploitation on small scale


  • 58th highest population density


  • 59 out of 100 Pakistanis have a Mobile


  • 60 reserve seats for Women in National Assembly


  • 61 medals winner in Commonwealth Games


  • 62nd highest Industrial Production Growth Rate


  • 63rd highest GDP Growth Rate
  • 63rd Biggest Exporter


  • 64 years of Independence (2011)

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