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British Prime Minister, David Cameron, came on day-long visit on first week of April. I as a Pakistani citizen welcome the British premier on change of Britain’s mood towards Pakistani people and the government. Fresh change in the strategic dialogue between two countries is welcomed by the whole nation. Pakistan is facing wide swath of problems among them terrorism and poverty are iterated frequently on national and international platforms.  During this crucial period, Pakistan needs more friends and no foes.


David Cameron’s day-long trip, signing of a document titled ‘Enhanced Strategic Dialogue’ with his Pakistani counterpart and announcing education aid of £650m are surely signs of his changed perception and policy towards Pakistan. Our government should step forward to handshake with him to give Britain the gesture that Pakistan believes in keeping good relations with the outer world to play its part in the global village as a responsible and earnest player.


Pakistan always needed some foreign assistance for its military and economic development. David Cameron announced the education aid for Pakistan with his concerns over the lack of good governance in Pakistan. In his own words,

“My job is made more difficult when people in Britain look at Pakistan, a country that receives millions of pounds of our aid money, and see weaknesses in terms of government capacity and waste.”

This statement is the most important thing that Pakistani government must consider before going abroad to seek financial assistance from the international community. Pakistan’s image in the international community has severely been contorted by domestic corruption and mis-governance. Any government of foreign country announcing financial aid for Pakistan is answerable to its people if the purpose of supporting Pakistan is not fulfilled. David Cameron pointed out the same concern.


Pakistan’s premier, president and parliamentarians must take it as a lesson and stand against corruption in national institutions if they want to get support of the foreign governments and nations. In addition, Pakistan must ameliorate its image by using foreign aid for the right purpose.