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Arabs have been mobilized to wipe out tyrannies from their lands. Suicide of a graduate unemployed hawker ignited people’s furry which forced president Zane ul Abaddine to flee from the country. On the footsteps of Tunisians the angry and deprived people of Egypt came out of their homes, gathered on the roads of Cairo, Suez and Alexandria raised slogans against the 6 time self-selected president Hosni Mubarak and demanded departure of the despot from the throne of power. They are still on roads and the whole international community is waiting to see a shift in the fate of Egyptians.

The settlement of activism in Egypt will be a significant event in the modern history if it is in accordance with the wish of the people of Egypt. It will shape fate of many other nations’ especially Islamic and particularly Arab. Out of 23 Arab countries only three have democracies. Islam, the official religion of Arab world, gives supreme authority and sovereignty to Allah Almighty. But despots of these states enjoy power beyond the limitations set by the state’s religion. People of these countries are suffering from destitution, unemployment, corruption, misgovernance and wealth equities. Most of the states are under the rule of a despot for decades. People of these nations are watching Tunisia and Egypt with bated breath. Decision of destiny of these two states will define paths for them to follow their fate.

Few people, in Pakistan, are saying that the story of Egypt and Tunisia does not fit in Pakistan’s tome. Pakistan is a different case. No doubt, they say rightly. Pakistan is really a different case – more severe one. Luckily Pakistani people, three years ago, said goodbye to a military ruler Pervaiz Musharaf whose ten year tyranny ended by democracy as revenge. Otherwise these people have gotten a catchphrase to dissuade gullible people of Pakistan for similar kind of revolution in Pakistan. Now Pakistani people see, daily on different new channels, the angelic face of democracy which has become demonic by the poor performance of the ruling party. The case of Pakistan is different, aberrant and errant. So it needs different kind of treatment.

In Pakistan military rulers stayed in the power for more than forty years. Democracy could never be flourished properly. Total age of democracy in Pakistan (subtracting true democracy bestowed by the military rulers) is accumulated to less than two decades. That’s why Pakistan’s case is different. Pakistani people are acquainted with the taste of democracy and tyranny both. So, they can better distinguish both of them. What used to happen in the last six decades is tale of the past now. Memories of halcyon days have been stored in the attic. Now people are suffering from the blessings of democracy. So, the case of Pakistan is different that of the Arab World.

Pakistani people have never seen worst democratic period in 64 years as they are seeing now. They are introduced with a refined version of democracy because of the mercy of beneficent ruling party. People have never seen a friendly opposition in Parliament as they are seeing now in the name of PML (N) – a friendly opposition which works in cohort with the plunderers of people’s fortune. Double digit inflation rate has pulled 70 million Pakistanis below the poverty line. It is mercy of the ruling party who took revenge from the dictator in the form of such a democracy. Foreign investment has been staunched and unemployment is destroying people’s composure. Pakistan’s debt has been reached to an unprecedented level of 9.5 trillion rupees. Terrorism has marred the face of the country. Intolerance has taken the place of kindness in people’s hearts. Vipers of insecurity and violence affright people. Corruption has become norm rather than exception. Tension and disappointment has pilfered the peace of people’s mind. The escalated might of wealth has made poor people pusillanimous. The equities of wealth have resulted in destitution. These are gifts of the democracy of the ruling party. If it is a new morph of democracy than definitely the case of Pakistan is different.

Pakistan is a different case in two aspects. Military is not in power (directly) and fledgling democracy is corrupt, incompetent and fumbling. But Pakistan’s case is more severe because of two aspects. Military continues to play its role behind the scene and democracy is morphing to a newer form which is grievous than dictatorship. So, Pakistani people need different approach to fight against venal politicians and power-hungry military. Military must be forced to live inside barracks and be subservient to the civilian government. Corruption should be wiped out from the governmental institutes and politicians must be made answerable to the people. Judiciary should be effective, unbiased and free. Justice should be in reach of everyone. Equities of wealth must be narrowed by giving equal opportunities to the deserving people. Merit should be respected everywhere. Education system should be reformed and efficient. Security of a common man should be made sure. Violence and intolerance must be eradicated. War on Terrorism should be conclusive. Economical environment of the country should be made favorable for the foreign investment. Economy should be overhauled and triggered. Research and development projects should be funded. Higher education must be promoted. Peace and harmony must be brought with neighboring states. The state of hostility with India must be come to halt. Inter-religious and inter-sect coherence must be developed among people. Right of an individual freedom should be respected by everyone.

All of the above described things remind you of a utopia. It seems unachievable. But nothing is impossible. Pakistani nation needs to unite for the welfare of the whole country. It’s high time for the nation learnt from Tunisia and Egypt, come out from their havens and fight for their rights. Pakistan does not need a revolution like that of Tunisia or Egypt. Pakistani people need change of corrupt system and audacity to fight for their rights. Pakistani people need to unite together irrespective of any regional, religious or sectarian differences and discrepancies for the common purpose – change of fate of the nation. The passion and courage with which Tunisian and Egyptians started fighting for the change in their countries is need of the time for Pakistanis to develop in them with the same intensity. If people remain in their havens and do not play their part in raising voice against present futile venal system then serpents of destruction will keep on biting their fate and their venom will paralyze the whole system.


Plagiarism is, no doubt, an unethical and disgraceful activity. It is not merely cheating others work but is some sort of intellectual theft. So, it is prohibited and considered abhorrent all over the world in academia.

Recently in many higher education institutes and universities of Pakistan, like UET Lahore, GCU Lahore, Karachi University and Punjab University, many cases of plagiarism have been popped up.  Many PhD professors have been accused of plagiarism. They are charged of plagiarizing others work in their transactions, papers or thesis. It is demoralizing and embarrassing situation which can brutally affect higher education progress in Pakistan in many ways, like

1-    Foreign aid for the development of science and technology in Pakistan can be cut down.

2-    Pavement of Pakistani researches in various fields of science and technology can be discouraged and considered bogus.

3-    Students who are studying abroad can encounter prejudice on the basis that they have past academic records from a plagiarism condoning institute.

4-    It promotes cheating and dishonesty in higher education institutes and discourages advancement in technology and research work.

Plagiarism in universities is not a new thing but recently few accusations have stirred the media to report them. There are very few renowned universities in Pakistan which are promoting higher education and research work. Condoning plagiarism degrades their rank both in Pakistan and abroad. These reputed institutes have been providing talented, skillful and shrewdest engineers, doctors, researchers, teachers, economists and journalists to the state for many years. Prosperity in Pakistan is also tied with the promotion of higher education and plagiarism just weakens this tie.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has very categorical policy against plagiarism. Many cases of plagiarism are queued in the Quality Assurance (QA) division inside HEC. A glimpse on this queue reveals that many renowned universities are condoning plagiarism. Plagiarists are either ignorant of HEC Policy against Plagiarism or enjoying freedom of being un-answerable. Most of the recent cases in universities are the part of feud between two professors or group of professors accusing and being accused of plagiarism. So, universities where such cases evolve do not regulate HEC plagiarism policy and also do not take strict measures against plagiarists.

A simple question arises in mind that what advantage is associated with plagiarism? Its answer has many dimensions. Attaining success in shortcut is ubiquitous custom in our society. Plagiarist professors, who are mostly on tenure and supposed to prepare thesis and papers on annual basis, use this tool to prolong their tenure. Many universities get grant on the basis of their contribution in research related fields. So, these universities often condone plagiarism to get aid and/or increment in university’s ranking.

HEC and Education Ministry of Pakistan should take strong measures against plagiarism. They should promote awareness against plagiarism in all universities and higher education institutes among teachers, professors, researchers and students. All institutes should be bound to regulate strict policy against plagiarism both on faculty and student level and healthy encouraging environment should be provided to promote research and development work.

If this dilemma is not be removed from our higher education institutes we will be promoting dishonesty and cheating and we will be wasting our nation’s talent, self-confidence and sapience.